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Monday, April 22, 2024
We were inside before unpublished landscapes of the pictorial performance, that catch with their impressionism places of tortured beauty, within a creative period, that locates him in a first plane on the top-list artistic, so that fights intensely, to obtain the wished purposes, in her projects. Vázquez Prats, she has attacked different works inside from investigation studies, that they have stopped being projects, to become into realities, that she always adapts to a technical flood of knowledge and comunication,that it takes the seal of her own style. She, inside of her scientific capacity, she works on innovating processings light and colour, that takes up surprising chromatism, into free strokes, that appear spontaneous but in fact, are minimized by the efforts of the comparative composition.This experience, has taken shape, with an style, all these clear reasons show that inspired his painting. It is the nature of its audacity, and she knows how to conjugate whit her artistic sharp, she makes in each linen cloth, the wealth is heightened, the transparency and, as it cannot be of another way, the elegance.

Art Critic
Vázquez Prats, isn't a simple landscaper,but a painter who carries a very personal items that nature offers and that she deals with from her intrinsic situation painter the same thing who its popular flowers, their children and their popular types.

ABC - Madrid
(...) All we knows her paintings and we have contemplated her mastery, moving to us before the sensitivity with which Carmucha shapes her weakness by Galicia. She is notorious for the soul of the earth, and along with this witness, now also shows a remarkable evolution in the face of our ways and perspective of the abstraction, which takes body on a canvas of the purest form, aesthetics and more refined. Congratulations to the artist so we essentially represents (...)

I do not know if she has the skill to break down Carmucha Vázquez Prats reality in vigorous brushstrokes of their eternal dioptre glasses that enhance and unravel what is to show the skeleton of things in huge pixels (" unities of painting" on language PHOTOSHOPER ) of way that does not need to express already in small units, or deeper, that is, it's SOUL OF THE LANDSCAPE, and she gives back us on grays or autumnal yellows brushstrokes, in fog of the memory, Painting former sceneries and human gowns that already she didn't even know, but there are in her artistic memory. Fogs in all the pictures, always in the bottom the fog, which so much Manuel Maria loved. He was grinding her with his words. Carmucha Vázquez Prats dots it. Memory and fog, equal to melancholy.

Artist and Sketcher
Carmucha Vázquez Prats is a painter of Galician motives. (...) Her traditional painting (in the one that deepens with own style the lyricism of her, homesickness and yearning in scenes that she lived and contemplated in her multiple trips and in our parties and pilgrimages), subjects of taverns (in that being left to go for her enthusiasm and her suggestion, the spectator lives what sees) and some that another abstract topic.

It is Carmucha the great observant one, and because of it more that to see her works, it is necessary to recognize them in her details, since she interprets them and this way she does that her production is more wanted by her public.

Historian of Art
She possesses the complicity of the subdued tonalities, put as plushes accurately of spatulas, to transform the world into interiors, place daily to live and to love, to die every day, in an effort of traffic towards the beauty. Impossible goal. Lights and shades, sighs, lines and perspectives, figures, movement to outlines, caught in an instant,In the middle of a pictorial labyrinth there appears Carmucha Vázquez Prats, painted also to spatula, with procedure, colors and soft forms, integrated the landscape of her own topics.She painted, she paints landscapes of her sea land of origin, and of the old ways of cars of the interior Galicia of adoption. They sparkle the trees, the flowers, mounts, groups of children,strong works, devotions, in the ways of the life. Road surface like a cruise: Carmucha vázquez Prats.

Wtiter and pressman
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